Minor Specialization: Software Engineering

Graduates are equipped with highly specialized knowledge necessary for the design of critical systems with the required high degree of robustness and durability. Courses taught within field provide graduates a formal design methods and systems of managing their development, which are essential for the management of challenging software projects. High flexibility when designing studio enables each student to specialize towards one or more application domains, but also gives all students a deep knowledge and advanced techniques of algorithm development and prepares them for careers as well as specialists in their chosen fields.

So far, the study ensured jointly by the Department of Cybernetics and Department of Computer and basically was focused on industrial cooperation. Readiness and willingness to cooperate in teaching in software engineering expressed by leading Czech software companies (IBM, CA, Profinit and others).

The new concept of art occupies an important place the issue of communication with the user's computer. Students will get more familiar with the principles of user interface design in general and the issue of human-computer interaction.

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