Cooperation with Industry


Collaboration on the project Combinatorial Design of Key-Lock Systems, a result that earned a price Siemens.

Web: http://www.assaabloy.cz/cs/local/cz/

Avast Software

Experts from AVAST Software lectured on the subject Machine Oriented Languages (A4B36SOJ). Avast Endowment Fund annually supports 3 students of bachelor program of OI in the first year of the scholarship in the amount of 50 thousand CZK.

Web: www.avast.com


Cooperation in research computer security.

Web: www.cisco.com

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

Cooperation in the area of air traffic modeling future.

Web: http://www.faa.gov/


Cooperation in technological innovation - production planning and logistics.

Web: www.foxconn.cz


Google experts lectured subject Development of web applications (A4M33VIA).

Web: www.google.com


IBM is supported by a grant to develop the object A4M33DBT - Big Data Technologies, which focuses on processing and analysis of large data. Experts from IBM, Inc. lecture subject Project Management (A4M33RPR) and Corporate Performance Management (A4M33CPM).

Web: www.ibm.com


Cooperation in the field of optimizing online marketplace taxi services.

Web: www.liftago.com/cs


Research Cooperation in the field of air traffic control.

Web: www.nasa.gov

Red Hat Czech, s.r.o.

Experts from Red Hat Czech lecturers in subjects Advanced Java EE Lab (A4M36JEE) and Integration Services software systems (A4M36ISS). We have a joint laboratory.

Web: www.redhat.com


Research Cooperation in the area of UAV.

Web: www.saab.com


Experts from the company Seznam.cz provides education Creation of client applications in javascript (A0M33KAJ).

Web: www.seznam.cz

Škoda Auto

Long-term cooperation - development of systems for virtual reality (design of new vehicles). We have an economic agreement in code generation.

Web: www.skoda-auto.cz

Škoda Volkswagen

Cooperation on the project with Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg related to the project Interactive. We have an economic agreement in the field of communications protocols.

Web: www.volkswagen.cz


Web: www.toyota.cz

UPP - Universal Product Partners

Development of methods for the film industry, cooperation within the project TAČR V3C (Visual Computing Competence Center).

Web: www.upp.cz

Valeo Automotive

Cooperation in research algorithms and systems, autonomous control.

Web: www.valeo-czechrepublic.com