Scientific Activities and Projects

On these projects participate teachers OI. This gives students the latest information on cutting-edge technologies and the opportunity to actively participate in projects from the bachelor study.

See also other projects funded by example by NASA (US) Air Force Research Laboratory - AFOSR (USA) and EOARD (UK), the Office of Naval Research (USA), Toyota Motor Europe (BE), the European Commission and other relevant institution.


Project DEMANES  is engaged in large-scale distributed systems that require intensive monitoring and control mechanisms. Technological advances allow in the near future, these systems effectively design and build.… Find out more


The project SALTT develops a new theory and algorithms for scheduling problem of communication messages in real-time communication networks used in aircraft, automobiles and other means. Find out more

Tactical AgentFly

The project focuses on research and development planning and coordination algorithms to automatically collect information using teams of autonomous unmanned aircraft, both for continuous tracking moving ground objects… Find out more


The project was designed in 2011 - 2015.SESAMO project is looking for solutions to problems arising from the often conflicting demands of "safety" (developed system does no harm to its surroundings) and "security" (the… Find out more

Predicting protein properties

The aim of the project is to develop algorithms able to construct models for predicting protein function based on the structure, sequence, phylogenetic, interaction information, information about gene expression and… Find out more


Design and implementation of a system for navigating visually impaired people in the buildings using a mobile phone. Find out more


A long-term concern of this network, which brings together 35 centers in the EU, is working actively in the field of embedded devices. The main aim is to organize joint research and summer schools for graduate students.… Find out more


AgentFly is a multi-agent system enables large simulations civilian and unmanned aviation. The system integrates advanced flight path planning, decentralized collision with detailed models of airplanes and the… Find out more


We focus on the Indian Ocean region, respectively. Gulf of Aden, which is famous for its current upward trend in piracy. The project outcomes will help to better understand the current situation and propose more… Find out more


HERCULES project focuses on the development of performance heterogeneous multicore embedded systems to run real-time algorithms. This new platform is demonstrated on the role self-driving car. Find out more