ARTIST2 - Embedded Systems Design

A long-term concern of this network, which brings together 35 centers in the EU, is working actively in the field of embedded devices. The main aim is to organize joint research and summer schools for graduate students. Our department was the only partner from new EU countries. We participated in the work of cluster management; We have developed design tools and control systems, such as:

TORSCHE (Time Optimisation, Resources, SCHEduling, M.Kutil a P.Šůcha) scheduling toolbox for Matlab is freely available (under GPL) toolbox designed for scheduling courses and researchers working in the field of operations research and combinatorial optimization. Toolbox is used by several universities and research institutes (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Cairo University, EG, CEDI René Navarre FR, KR Seoul National University, University of Houston, USA, ...)

RAMA (Remotely operated Aerial Model Autopilot, O.Špinka) open control system for UAVs, which autopilot design including distributed control system and its hardware and software components. RAMA is used to steer a hobby helicopter, but if necessary can be easily adapted for fixed-wing aircraft.