SESAMO - Security and Safety Modelling

The project was designed in 2011 - 2015.SESAMO project is looking for solutions to problems arising from the often conflicting demands of "safety" (developed system does no harm to its surroundings) and "security" (the developed system can be attacked by hackers) in embedded systems.

Nowadays, there are a variety of embedded systems are increasingly networking and question their safety against attacks (security) is still so topical. It turns out however, that the interaction between the mechanisms measures "safety" and "security" are not fully understood and is often not clear which mechanism is to have priority in a given situation and the like. Solutions offered SESAMO project is to define a uniform methodology for assessing the issues of "safety" and "security" in the development of embedded systems in various application areas (aerospace, ground transportation, energy, etc.).

Our group focuses on cooperation with companies in the automotive industry, we are helping to improve security control software for cars. We develop techniques for detecting errors in the software or security for communication between control units in the car.