Project DEMANES  is engaged in large-scale distributed systems that require intensive monitoring and control mechanisms. Technological advances allow in the near future, these systems effectively design and build. Yet a major obstacle for future implementation is the lack of a universal methodology, enabling design and implement adaptive monitoring and control mechanisms that take into account the intrinsic properties of the system (ie. The decentralization dynamic requirements, continuous development and changing components).

The project aims to provide a set of methods and tools for the development of adaptive distributed systems so that they are able to respond to changes in their environment (ie. The battery status, availability of internet access, etc.) as well as the requirements of users. To achieve the target, project, among other things, combines the latest knowledge of Systems Engineering and Control Engineering. Thoughts of the project are verified and demonstrated on various case studies like. Intelligent urban transport, airports intelligent, smart home and intelligent logistics.

Main partners of the project include Philips Electronics & Lighting, TNO, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, NXP Semiconductors B.V., ČVUT, Omega, ...