Master program

Master's program is open to bachelors with a different focus than pure computer science and  also to students from other schools than the CTU.

Master Program Specializations 

Artificial Intelligence

Graduates will be able to design and apply intelligent systems in areas such as. Automatic scheduling and planning, data analysis, formalization of expert knowledge and their use for automated reasoning. Find out more

Computer Engineering

Graduates of Master's degree in Computer Engineering will acquire during the study deeper knowledge especially in the field of computer components, development tools for embedded systems, parallel computing, and… Find out more

Data Science

The graduate will understand storage and retrieval methods for structured and unstructured data in the environments of the web, relational and non-relational databases, as well as knowledge representation frameworks… Find out more

Computer Graphics

Graduates will gain a deep knowledge of programming and effective use of computer graphics and related specializations. Find out more


Graduates of cybersecurity specialization will be able to analyze weak points of computer systemas and prevent possible security threats. Due to the increasing complexity and variability of attacks against… Find out more