Optional Courses of Master Program

In the master's program, the student gradually entered a total of six elective courses (or up to the expected credits in the elective courses). By choosing elective courses, students can deepen their knowledge in the specialization they studied, undergo a minor specialty, or you expand their general knowledge. Below is a list of options for how they can approach the election.

Electives cources recommended by the Board of OI

Board of OI regularly assesses the quality of elective courses and electives selected recommends students to RI for inclusion. Currently, the Council recommends objects that have passed the accreditation procedure and are mandatory in other disciplines within the program.

Board of OI also recommended compulsory subjects other programs taught on subjects FEE and courses of minor´s specialization of OI. Council referral procedure OI has successfully passed the items that have the status of a compulsory subject and have not undergone accreditation program OI. The list of these objects is continuously growing.

Supplementing the assumed knowledge

Master study assumes an initial knowledge of mathematics, programming or optimization of algorithms and approximately ranging from bachelor OI. Please consider your good any gaps in their knowledge. We recommend a supplement of selected undergraduate writing courses as electives Master courses, the alternative is self. More information about the assumed knowledge.Supplementing the assumed knowledge.

Minor specializations

Deepening cources

Humanities, economically-management courses