Master’s Program: Minor Specializations

The OI program offers to add minor specialization to the major specialization. The requirement is to complete at least 4 obligatory courses of minor specializations.

You do not have to register anywhere fo the specific minor. It will be automatically evaluated before the final exams and listed on your diploma.


Minor specialization Management is focused on acquiring basic knowledge for managerial control. Students will gain knowledge of the basis of management practices for managing teams and business units, internal… Find out more

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics experiences massive development, particularly through the gaming industry and the emergence of smart cards (GPU). On FEL terms of field with a long tradition and sophisticated teaching, which… Find out more

Computer Engineering

Minor variant of specialization Computer Engineering educates students in ways that enhance their knowledge of computer components and development tools for embedded systems. In combination with the main specialization… Find out more

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Minor specialization of Computer Vision and Image provides knowledge of modern methods of automatic processing and analysis of digital images and video, and methods of image understanding and computer vision. Graduated… Find out more


Minor specialization Robotics is designed for students interested in robotics with artificial intelligence. Students learn the methods for creating a model of the environment, inaccurate data, its interpretation… Find out more


Minor Telecommunications industry creates informatics engineer expert in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Help you gain practical knowledge particularly in the field of telecommunication systems and… Find out more

Artificial Intelligence

Minor specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a suitable complement to all fields of the Master's program. Minor in AI counts if the student finishes any four compulsory courses in the field of AI.… Find out more

Human-Computer Interaction

Minor specialization in Human-Computer Interaction will enable the students to understand the basic principles of human behavior and its interaction with increasingly complex IT systems. The graduate of this minor… Find out more


Minor specialization in Cybersecurity provides knowledge in selected areas of software engineering, network technology, statistical modeling, with an emphasis on technology-specific areas including mechanisms of… Find out more

Data Science

In Data Sciences minor, students will learn about the most important areas of this field, which are statistical data analysis and machine learning, as well as advanced data and knowledge representation techniques (NoSQL… Find out more

Software Engineering

Minor Software Engineering provides a deeper understanding of the universal principles of developing efficient, reliable, maintainable software. This Minor excellently complements other more closely profiled fields of… Find out more