Minor Specialization: Robotics

Minor specialization Robotics is designed for students interested in robotics with artificial intelligence. Students learn the methods for creating a model of the environment, inaccurate data, its interpretation and reasoning about actions implementing the desired behavior of the robot. Emphasis is placed on the specifics of algorithms for robot operating in a real environment, minor Thus, the proposal does not address mechanical or electronic construction robot. Real robots, with which it will work on exercises are used exclusively as a data source and actuators required actions.

Contact person

  • prof. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.



Passage through study

Acquired knowledge enables students to develop software for robotic systems and to specify requirements for such systems.

To get minor a student must complete these four courses (semester is recommended):

  • Practical robotics (A0M33PAR) or Robotics (B3B33ROB) - Choice of course according to the student's interest. A0M33PAR is closer to autonomous robotics, B3B33ROB to industrial manipulators. (1st semester)
  • Autonomous Robotics (BE3M33ARO1) - A comprehensive course discussing more topics from the robotic field, especially mobile. (2nd semester)
  • Multi-robot aerial systems (BE3M33MRS) or Advanced robot kinematics (BE3M33PKR) - Choice of course according to the student's interest. The course BEM33MRS further develops knowledge in the field of mobile robotics focusing on aerial robots. Advanced robotic kinematics deepens knowledge in the field of industrial manipulators. (3rd semester)
  • Artificial Intelligence in Robotics (B4M36UIR) - The course extends knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence - planning for robots. (3rd semester)