Minor Specialization: Cybersecurity

Minor specialization in Cybersecurity provides knowledge in selected areas of software engineering, network technology, statistical modeling, with an emphasis on technology-specific areas including mechanisms of infection and attack, encryption, sandboxing, forensic analysis, penetration testing, detection and methods against detection, methods of signature and behavioral detection. Graduates will find employment especially in the commercial environment, and a sufficient foundation for doctoral study is also built.

Contact person

  • doc. Ing. David Šišlák, Ph.D.



Passage through study

The following 3 courses are prescribed, with the necessary fourth chosen from the remaining courses in the major Cybersecurity as needed to complete the necessary knowledge.

  • Introduction to Computer Security B4M36BSY (in the 1st semester)
  • Mathematical Cryptography B4M01MKR (in the 2nd semester)
  • Communications Security B4M36KBE (in the 3rd semester)