Deepening Course of Master Program

Students with a strong interest in majoring in the framework of elective courses can write a deepening subjects, which further develops themes from professional subjects. Below is a brief list of options for the individual courses.

Software Engineering

Board of OI recommends for students of Software Engineering (but not exclusively) industrial courses led by experts from well-known IT companies such as: A4M33UAS, A4M33SEP, A4M33VIA, A4M33RPR, A4M36JEE, A0M33KAJ.

Computer Vision and Image Processing

Student can register course A3M38VBM Videometry and contactless measurement AE4M33GMM Graphical Markov Models (3rd semester) or Image sensors (J. Fischer, Department of Measurement).

Computer Graphics and Interaction

Deepening be thematically focused on the Interaction between man and computer systems (HCI - Human Computer Interaction) or Computer graphics (CG - Computer Graphics).

  • In the case of HCI can choose deepening subjects as follows: PV-1 (winter): Psychology in HCI (A4M39PUR) - J. Franc, PV-2 (summer): Special user interface - Z. Míkovec (the subject is being prepared), PV-3 (winter): web application Development 2 (A4M39WA2) - M. Klíma.
  • In the case of CG can choose deepening cources as follows: PV-1 (winter): Programming in C / C ++ (for those who can not C / C ++ option is to write down Y36PJC) Computer Graphics (AE4M39PGR - J. Sloup, for those what should Y36PGR English only), PV-2 (summer): graphics programming 2 (A4M39PGR2: P. Felkel, GPU programming), realistic image synthesis (A4M39RSO: V. Havran), PV-3 (winter): Computational geometry ( A4M39VG: P. Felkel), 3D modeling and virtual reality (A7B39MVR: J. Žára; for those who have not completed undergraduate studies in MVR) Advanced methods interactive image editing (A4M39AIM: D. Sýkora).

Artificial Intelligence

To deepen the knowledge recommend AE4M33GMM Graphical Markov Models (3rd semester) and the following selection of doctoral courses: XP33PMD Probabilistic models uncertainty in the UI, Jiroušek R. (A4M33RZN deepens especially in the topic Bayesian networks) XP33FLO Fuzzy logic, Navara M. (deepens A4M33RZN ) XP33MOL Modal logic for distributed systems Štěpánková O. (A4M33RZN deepens and A4M33MAS, AE4M33GMM (deepens A4M33SAD) or A0M33EOA (deepens A4M33BIA).