Special scholarship for the best secondary school graduates

Dean of Faculty of Electrical Engineering awards excellent applicants for studies in all bachelor's degree programs at the Faculty with a special scholarship .

Scholarships for study results

The scholarship is allocated to all students for outstanding academic achievements for the previous semester. The award for the winter semester is paid in April and for the summer semester in November of the corresponding year.

More scholarships and grants

The university offers a variety of funding opportunities such as scholarships and grants. For current programs and information please visit the Faculty website or the CTU website.

Student grants competition

Student grant competition provides financing of projects for students of master and doctoral studies.

Scholarship GFPS-CZ

Organization for student and cultural exchange in Central Europe provides scholarships at German universities of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Czech-German Fund for the Future.

Other financing options

If you cannot get a scholarship, there are opportunities for cooperation on projects with individual departments (Department of Computer Science, Department of Cybernetics, ...).