Special scholarship for the best secondary school graduates

In the academic year 2015/2016 Dean FEE again encourage special scholarship excellent candidates and applicants for studying in all bachelor's degree programs CTU FEE.

Scholarships for study results

The scholarship is allocated to all students for outstanding academic achievements for the previous semester. In the summer semester of the academic year 2013/14 amounted highest scholarship of 13 000 CZK.

More scholarship FEE CTU

CTU also offers an Accommodation scholarships for commuter students, Special Scholarships for outstanding academic achievement or like a support for  students abroad, or social scholarships for students in difficult social situations.

  • For: Mostly for students of bachleor´s and master´s programs
  • Web: scholarships

Student grants competition

Student grant competition provides financing of projects for students of master and doctoral studies.

Endowment Fund CTU Stanislav Hanzl

In accordance with the reference Rector Stanislav Hanzl the support of endowment fund is focused mainly on modernization study and to deepen its compatibility with the study on European technical universities to increase student mobility and the internationalization of studies.

The fund of student projects

The fund of student projects - grant competition of Vladimir Stejskal - is intended to support projects of students and student organizations headquartered at CTU. It is announced in the areas of educational, artistic, presentation, sports, cultural and social.

Scholarship GFPS-CZ

Organization for student and cultural exchange in Central Europe provides scholarships at German universities of the Robert Bosch Foundation and the Czech-German Fund for the Future.

Scholarships for foreign students

  • For: Foreign students coming to graduate in master´s programs CTU
  • Web: CTU Scholarships

Other financing options

If you can not get a scholarship, there are opportunities for cooperation on projects of individual departments (ATG, CMP, IDA, ...).