Profile and application

Graduate's profile

Graduate´s profile is based on the completion of the core courses that provide quality universal knowledge and leading to a general skills useful in further studies and practice. On this basis, it is built vocational training in specialized fields who have at FEE application-industrial and research tradition.

While in the bachelor part of study, students are provided with all basic knowledge of science, master's students can work directly with elite research centers that operate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

We place emphasis on: interdisciplinary knowledge and ability to cooperate in solving problems, work independently and to effectively integrate into a team of outstanding experts in the field of informatics. Furthermore, the ability to proactively identify open technical issues and access to research and commercially.

OI Graduates 2010 (Photo: Marko Šidlovský)

Absolvents in practise

Graduates of the program Open Informatics is also profiled in the specializations of hardware such as hardware designers, programmers and designers of embedded applications and devices, programmers and designers and real-time control, network specialists and the like. They may find applications in the software fields as analysts and programmers information and database systems, but also as a web application designers, computer graphics specialists, etc.

Profiling graduates has a strong tradition in the specialization of artificial intelligence as theoretical computer science, computer scientist, designer of the application of artificial intelligence, knowledge engineer, designer expert systems, etc. In other ICT areas is possible profiling as an expert in data mining, designer of computer graphics interface, an expert on computer security expert digital image processing or as bioinformatics.

Completing the program provides a good basis for a possible continuation in doctoral programs in various technical universities, including foreign ones.