Bachelor program

Bachelor program Open informatics is designed to allow graduates to continue in computer science master’s program at any university in the Czech Republic and abroad as well. 

Note that the Bachelor program of Open Informatics is taught in Czech language (with only some courses in English). If you are an international student with no knowledge of Czech, please see the similar program ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE (EECS) which is fully taught in English. You can consider the Master program of Open Informatics after graduating from EECS.

Basic informations about bachelor studies at FEE

Bachelor Program Specializations


Graduates are able to participate not only in the design and development of software systems, but also to actively participate in their maintenance and management across the enterprise. It will be equipped with… Find out more

Computer Games and Graphics

Graduates are able to develop computer games. It will be equipped with knowledge of programming graphics, artificial intelligence, creating 2D and 3D graphic content and implementation of user interfaces. Find out more

Internet of Things

Graduates gain deeper knowledge in electronics, microprocessor technology and computer networks. They will be able to design and implement a built-in devices, algorithms for interacting with the environment in real time… Find out more

Optional subjects

Selecting the optional courses the students can:

  • To deeper their knowledge in the specialization studied.
  • Take the minor specialization.
  • Expand their general knowledge.

Graduates of bachelor’s program of OI must have a broad knowledge base. For this reason, they have to have completed at least three elective courses from economics, management and humanities, foreign language other than English.

Language training

Graduate of bachelor’s program of OI must complete at least one of the compulsory subjects of program or specialization in English language.

The student has the right (not an obligation) to undertake a one-semester training course of English, which is not given credits. If the student has passed all required courses in Czech language, the requirement for English language may be meet by an exam in English language.

We strongly recommend to pass a compulsory examination A4B04AZK before register for a course lectures in English language. Czech and English versions of the course is equivalent student (s) thus completes the subject in either the Czech or English version. Detailed information is available at the Department of Languages.

Courses lecture in English language

(The course list is still expanding. Up-to-date list is always available at the FEE website.)

Winter semester

  • Computer and Communication Networks (BE5B32PKS)
  • Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (BE5B33RPZ)
  • Logic systems and processors (BE5B35LSP)

Summer semester

Minor specializations

The program of OI offers the opportunity to add the minor specialization to the major specialization. The minor specialization is recognized retroactively in the event that student has successfully finished courses of the minor specialization. The board of OI negotiates with faculty to bring minor specialization at diploma. Now follows a detailed description of the minor specializations. The most of minors can be chosen and added to any major specialization.

List of Final State Examinations

Study informations

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