Bachelor’s Program: Minor Specializations

The OI program offers to add Minor specialization to the Major specialization. The requirement is to complete at least 3 obligatory courses of a chosen Minor specializations if not stated differently.

You do not have to register anywhere fo the specific Minor. It will be automatically evaluated before the final exams and listed on your diploma.

Apart from the Minors bellow, Open Informatics progam also engages in teaching courses from the prg.ai Minor focusing on artificial intelligence (pilot year started in September of the academic year 2019/2019).

Artificial Intelligence

Contact person prof. Ing. Jan Faigl, Ph.D. Passage through study Functional Programming (B4B36FUP) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (B4B36ZUI) Recognition and Machine Learning (B4B33RPZ)   Minor cannot be… Find out more

Internet of Things

For software engineers, who are not afraid to clash with reality. Minor is suitable for the expansion of knowledge in the areas of embedded systems and computer networks, a technology underlying the emerging phenomenon… Find out more


Software Minor is suitable for students who want to design and implement software systems in a variety of areas. Students in this Minor will expand their knowledge of key parts of the software development process, such… Find out more

Computer Graphics for Programmers

Minor provides basic knowledge of programming and processing of 2D and 3D graphics data. His passing is an ideal prerequisite (but not required) to study Master's degree in Computer Graphics. It is a good complement for… Find out more

Computer Graphics for Creators

Minor provides practical knowledge of 2D and 3D graphics and multimedia processing information. His passing is a good prerequisite for studying Master's degree in Computer Graphics. It is a good complement for students… Find out more


Minor Economics specialization in the bachelor program OI provides students with basic knowledge of economics orientation in economic categories, management and evaluation of the economic efficiency of projects,… Find out more


Minoru aim is to build on existing compulsory subjects math program OI and deepen mathematical education, so that approached European standard undergraduate math programs. Find out more