Minor Specialization: Mathematics

Minoru aim is to build on existing compulsory subjects math program OI and deepen mathematical education, so that approached European standard undergraduate math programs.

Students will acquire basic knowledge from mathematic disciplines (analysis, algebra, probability and information theory) that can be applied in their major field of study. At the same time it opens the way to study math masters programs or to further self-education in pure and applied mathematics. Student gets an undergraduate minor completing three courses from the following menu. Said objects are independent, but require as prerequisites defined proficiency level required courses OI program.

Contact person

  • prof. RNDr. Jan Hamhalter, CSc.

Passage through study

  1. Advanced analysis (A0B01PAN)
  2. Information Theory and Coding (A0B01TIK)
  3. Mathematics for Cybernetics (A3M01MKI)
  4. Graph Theory (XP01TGR)
  5. Optimization and Game Theory (A8B01OGT)
  6. Advanced Matrix Analysis (A8B01AMA)