Minor Specialization: Software

Software Minor is suitable for students who want to design and implement software systems in a variety of areas. Students in this Minor will expand their knowledge of key parts of the software development process, such as modeling and specifications of software systems, object design, or design of a suitable user interface.

Contact person

  • doc. Ing. Miroslav Bureš, Ph.D.

Passage through study

As minor courses we recommend 3 + 1 courses, where the fourth one can be chosen by the student from two options according to personal preferences:

  1. Object-oriented design and Modeling (B4B36ONM) (3rd semester)
  2. User interfaces implementation (B4B39IUR) (4th semester)
  3. Software Engineering (B4B36SIN) (5th semester)
  4. Functional Programming (B4B36FUP) OR Languages, Automats and Gramatics (B4B01JAG) (in 4th, respectively 5th semester)