Minor Specialization: Economics

Minor Economics specialization in the bachelor program OI provides students with basic knowledge of economics orientation in economic categories, management and evaluation of the economic efficiency of projects, including their financing, evaluating information from the financial statements and internal control systems.

In composion of course are also included objects to get the foundations of the legal aspects of business and personnel management. The information obtained graduates of the minor specialization Economics utilized in the design and evaluation of business plans and projects, processing on pricing and the management of working groups and corporate departments.

Contact person 

  • prof. Ing. Jaroslav Knápek, CSc.

Passage through study

  1. Macro and microeconomics (B1B16MME)
  2. Basics of business economics (B1B16ZPU)
  3. Basics of financial management (B1B16ZFM1)
  4. Psychology for managers (B0B16MPL)
  5. Business Law (B1B16PPP)

The recommended order for completing the courses is: Macro and microeconomics, Basics of business economics, Business Law and Basics of financial management. Course Psychology for managers does not depend on other courses and can be completed in any semester.