English at OI

In all engineering disciplines is a good knowledge of English an absolute necessity. Therefore, we expect that after graduation at FEE there will be no problem for students to communicate in English.

We try to do our best. That is the reason, why students study bachelor programs have to complete one of the compulsory subjects in English. In addition all students can pick more subject teaching in English.

If you are afraid, perhaps, that your language skills are not enough, we have a simple advice. Department of Languages taught English in several subjects and  you can also use some of the many courses of private language schools.

Open Informatics: International Computer Science Program

Since 2012, we are launching a pilot project teaching of selected masters courses entirely in English. All lectures, exercises and tests are carried out in English. Adequate quality of education provided by teachers with several years experience abroad.

For your future employer will be interesting to hear that the technical English mastered without any hassles!