Summer Jobs for Students

Newly admitted bachelor students of OI have the possibility of paid professional work at the departments participating in the teaching of Open Informatics, e.g. at the Department of Cybernetics, Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction and the Department of Computers.

The work will be carried out in different research teams, such as:

  • a small research project (eg comparing two methods),
  • small IT projects (eg support of administration with employment of new students),
  • help with the preparation of study materials,
  • editing web pages,
  • help with experiments, data collection,
  • SW testing
  • and implementation of a simple programming language.

The jobs will last two weeks in the period between the enrollment and the start of the school year and will be awarded a salary of approximately CZK 8,000 (paid as a scholarship money).

The number of spots is limited, the graduates of a correspondent high-school seminar HAPKY will be favored.

You can apply at the email oi@fel.cvut.cz by May 31, 2019. We will then contact selected students.

To participate, it is necessary to be a CTU student, meaning you have to enroll in the pre-holiday term.