Software and Research Project

Students work on the problem-project under the leadership of supervisor. In this course, students can solve part of the problem of the thesis. Therefore, we recommend choosing a thesis topic at the latest at the beginning of the 5th semester.

You can work on any topic. Contact teacher who deals with a topic that you are interested in and discuss with him whether the topic is appropriate and could be the basis for assignment of the thesis. Completion of the course software and research project must have a clearly defined output, such as a technical report or software product, which is rated graded credit.

The topic of the project must be related to the main specialization of study. If you are in doubt, contact the supervisor of your specialization.

Normally it is not possible to pass more than one item of this type. Exceptions may be granted by supervisor of the main (major) specialization. One possible reason for the exemption is that labor-project has a different theme and is guided by other supervisor. A typical example might be working on a project abroad.

Choice of themes