Prerequisites for the Master's program

Students of the Open Informatics (OI) master's program are expected to have a knowledge of mathematics, programming, algorithmization and optimization approximately in the scope of the Bachelor's OI study program. We also assume such knowledge of English that enables effective work with study materials in English.

For students who come to study the OI master's program from a faculty other than FEE CTU, the problem of supplementing the prerequisites will be solved individually. Typically, some bachelor's courses will be recognized (e.g. Mathematical Analysis and Linear Algebra courses are very similar at many universities), others will be completed by enrolling the necessary bachelor's courses as electives. The last option is to supplement the knowledge with self-study which does not have a formal requirement for an exam.

Rules and recommendations

The general prerequisites are accompanied by prerequisites specific to individual specializations.

  • It is highly recommended to enroll in the specializations of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision and Image Processing with the knowledge that bachelors acquire in the course Recognition and Machine Learning (B4B33RPZ). For artificial intelligence, knowledge of the basics of artificial intelligence is also recommended, which can best be supplemented by the course Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (BE5B33KUI).
  • The specialization of Computer Graphics also expects knowledge in the range of subjects Computer Graphics (A4B39PGR) in the bachelor's stage, which can be supplemented within the master's stage with the courses Computer Graphics (BE0M39PGR) or Programming 2 (AE0B36PR2). Students interested in Interaction will also find useful the course Principles of Mobile Applications (B6B39PDA).
  • The field of Computer Engineering also presupposes knowledge in the range of subjects Programming 2 (AE0B36PR2). If you have not completed any of the subjects, get acquainted with their content.

Mathematics, logic, graphs...

Bachelor students who have not completed a course focused on probability and statistics are recommended to enroll in the course Probability and Statistics (B0B01PST) in the summer semester as an elective course. For students without training in discrete mathematics and graph algorithms, we recommend enrolling in the course Languages, Automats and Gramatics (B4B01JAG) or Logic and Graphs (B0B01LGR) and in the course Discrete Mathematics (B4B01DMA).


Optimization is one of the key subjects of Open Informatics. Students who have not completed it in their bachelor's study should enroll in the course Optimization (B0B33OPT) in the first semester of the master's program as an elective course.

Further information: oi@fel.cvut.cz.